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Toy Drive

Since 2017, dozens of community volunteers have come together to organize a toy drive during the Chanukah season, which has provided tens of thousands of toys and gifts to thousands of children in our community and beyond.  As a collaborative effort with Tomchei Shabbos, this annual Toy Drive has brought a lot of extra Chanukah joy to hundreds of our Tomchei families and beyond. However we do not stop there and have expanded our efforts and reach far beyond. We can now proudly say that we have worked with dozens of other organizations in the GTA and even across Canada to provide gifts and toys to children and families in need, including working in conjunction with groups like Salvation Army, Chasdei Kaduri, Ve’ahavta, Kayla’s Children Centre, and many other community organizations and schools across Toronto.

Here you can submit an application to join the program.

For more information please contact us or by phone 1-866-727-3484.

Thank you!

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People in need:

In order to protect the anonymity of the recipients of Tomchei Shabbos, we cannot discuss whether a person is on our list. Our mandate is to provide food through referral only to Shabbos observant members of our community. If you are a person in need or know of someone who may need to receive our food packages, please contact the local Orthodox Rabbi who is acquainted with the person or family. The Rabbi will in turn contact us.

If you have any questions please contact us