Ruchama Fraidel Relief Organization

From Toronto with Love: Chanukah Mission to Support Israeli Soldiers and Families

As we embark on this heartfelt journey from Toronto to Israel, we seek your support in funding the essentials that will bring smiles to soldiers and vulnerable communities. Your donations will cover the expenses of Chanukah gifts, winter clothing, and other Jewish products, both brought from Toronto and purchased locally in Israel. By contributing to our cause, you’re not just helping us share the spirit of Chanukah but also making a positive economic impact in the communities we aim to support.

Chevrah Oseh Chesed

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People in need:

In order to protect the anonymity of the recipients of Tomchei Shabbos, we cannot discuss whether a person is on our list. Our mandate is to provide food through referral only to Shabbos observant members of our community. If you are a person in need or know of someone who may need to receive our food packages, please contact the local Orthodox Rabbi who is acquainted with the person or family. The Rabbi will in turn contact us.

If you have any questions please contact us