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Ruchama’s Place

Each year before Pesach and Succos, parents can visit Ruchama’s Place to receive a new outfit for yom tov. Families make an appointment in advance through a pre scheduled invite, so that the expert staff can provide discreet, attentive service. They make sure the children feel special, by having the parents choose a fitting outfit for each girl and each boy with a new suit and shirt in honour of yom tov. Additionally, we run multiple different distributions through our corporate partnerships.

Here you can submit an application to join the program.

For more information please contact us or by phone 1-866-727-3484.

Thank you!

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My kids couldn’t believe that I brought home brand new clothing with tags! They have only ever worn second hand clothing. Thank you so much!
You don’t know how much this enhances my Yom Tov! I am so grateful
The way you run Ruchama’s Place is done in such a dignified way. Everyone that helped me was kind and caring and helped me with a smile. Sometimes when you need a Chesed, you feel very low and are not treated this well. Thank you very much
I brought you a tray of cookies as a small token of my appreciation.
My sons bar mitzvah is coming up and now he has a new suit to wear.
Ruchama Fraidel Relief Organization

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People in need:

In order to protect the anonymity of the recipients of Tomchei Shabbos, we cannot discuss whether a person is on our list. Our mandate is to provide food through referral only to Shabbos observant members of our community. If you are a person in need or know of someone who may need to receive our food packages, please contact the local Orthodox Rabbi who is acquainted with the person or family. The Rabbi will in turn contact us.

If you have any questions please contact us